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16 May, 2009

Garden Wall and Leveled Rock

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Today I was able to work on the garden retaining wall. Everyone on the home improvement tv shows always say to never use treated wood lumber for a garden wall. But try driving around and finding a garden wall that isn't using some treated wood somewhere...right. I use 4x6x8 lanscape timbers stacked three high. I used deck screws for the ends and corners, tomorrow I will use 1/2  rebar to stake the walls to the ground. Should last for about 20, or so, years. I might line the inside with plastic to keep the treated wood from touching the inside dirt.

Speaking of dirt, I plan on doing a 1:1:1 ratio of perlite/topsoil/spaghnam peat moss at a depth of 7". I'll incorporate some natural fertilizer within the mix and hopefully the weekend after Memorial Day I can plant the plants and start it all. I want to also line the garden floor with some newspaper to cut down on weeds, too.

The bottom of the pit was once again full of water. I finished pumping out the water with a handy drill pump. Then I added the rest of the crushed rock and tamped it down rock hard in most areas. Problem being there's a 2 square foot are where the crushed rock won't compact becasue the darn clay floor was super saturated. I am hoping that it will STOP raining long enough for the whole thing to completly dry out. If I have time tomorrow I would like to cut rebar and place it along with the 6" wire mesh screen on top.

I won't be able to actually put it all together and leave it though because I'llhave to see if that wet area is dry and retamp it down.

Oh, yeah, I still have to move that 4,000 pounds of concrete to the backyard tomorrow, too. I have to move it tomorrow, or we can't get the trailer out of the garage for camping next weekend.

This is the messy looking picture. That's all for now.



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