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17 May, 2009

Sunburned and Grateful

General — Posted by timo @ 14:35

Early today I got set to cut rebar with my new grinder. I have never used a grinder before, so I slapped on a metal cutting disc and took off on that rebar. I have tried to cut rebar before with a hacksaw- that's nuts. The grinder went through it like butter.

I was very happy about my $17 grinder purchase. I cut rebar at 2' and pounded it in and all went well until I lost the drill bit in the lanscape timbers. I fished it out eventually, but I still have a few more holes to drill.

I moved about a yard of old soil from my garden to my neighbor's house- he needed it and I didn't so that all worked out well.The bottom of the garden was leveled and awaits the topsoil.


I really have to get the garden done so I can get back to work on the oven.


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