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26 May, 2009

Garden Planted... Dang Rain...Rebar and Mesh

General — Posted by timo @ 15:36

With the Memorial Day vacation, there wasn't much time for working on the projects, but I did managed to plant some things in the garden. I hurriedly stuck tomatoes, peppers, and beans in the ground. Some are small plants, some are seeds directly sown. Anyway, I tossed some cilantro and cucumber seeds in too.

The oven has been on the back burner. I was able to cut the rebar and tir wire it all together. The rebar is set on some nifty rebar stands from Menards. Everything is all tied together and the 6" wire mesh is on top of it all. I have to make a bull float and edger, or just buy an edger for $8. I am thinking that this Saturday, if the Dang rain stops, I will be able to pour the foundation. I have to rent a mixer from Home Depot for $40 a day.

Hope the rain stops...


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