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13 Jun, 2009

Drainage and Rebar

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Well, we are getting even more rain then I ever thought possible. I had to pick up about 3/4 ton of river rock to lay the drain tile in and around. Landscape fabric around the tile and once again between the rock layer. I plan on placing #8 river rock on top of the #6 because I have a bunch of #8 from my first attempt at drainage issues.

Here's a picture of the rebar angles I bent using a vice and an $8 black pipe from Home Depot. I found out that you can't put too tight a bend on rebar without it shattering. I am glad I had on safety googles and leather gloves. I found I had to give it a slight bend, then move the pipe

back a bit away from the bend, then bend some more. I finally got the hang of it and it went pretty fast. The hardest part was bracing the vice so it wouldn't twist when I pulled on the rebar. I used two C clamps to secure the vice to the table to stop it from moving.

This picture shows the top of the river rock drainage system. The trench around the perimeter of the foundation is about 8" wide. Any water in the crushed rock layer will drain out to the tile and any water that leaks in from the surrounding grade will fall straight down the rock to the tile.

 Someone gave this the name of Stage 3 French Drain. It runs out through the middle of the yard out to the side of the house.

This is a clean out, maybe. Really I just wanted to see how much was draining and maybe I can shove a garden hose in it to clean out some sediment, but that's probably not going to work with the corrigated pipe. Either way, it's in the back of the oven so it's not going to be seen much there.

Anyway, here's the rebar in the cores. It takes about one bag per core to fill. I chopped an old chewed up waste paper basket to aid in shoveling the concrete into the cores. The sun really made it set up fast. I will have a few cores left to fill after I get the hearth floor placed along with the 2x8 forms for the hearth pour. Yes, that's right, another 3 1/2" rebar reinforced slab followed with 4" of insulated perlite concrete. The reinforced concrete will need about 25 #60 bags.

Hopefully I don't have too many spelling errors :)


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