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16 Jun, 2009

Gus's Corner - Authentic Brick Oven Cooking

General — Posted by timo @ 17:19

This is in tribute to our late great dog, Gus. We all miss him so very, very much. I wish he didn't have to go. I wish it didn't hurt so much to say goodbye.

Here's the mock up of the naming for the brick oven. Maybe when I finally get it done and know how to use it, I can print one of these out with some info on the other side. Like how to reheat and perhaps ingredients. I came up with the idea for Gus's Corner because he always sat next to me and waiting until I left my cooking corner in the kitchen. Then he would clean up any food that had fallen on the floor.

If you have any suggestions please leave some input about the layout. I was thinking of having Alex put mosiac tile on the oven, but I need a design and color scheme.


Anyway that's all for now.


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