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08 Jul, 2009

Ouchy Fingers

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As you can see from the picture, the spacing has to be just so when placing the half bricks of firebrick. The angle between the bricks determines the final shape of the oven dome. Too much space and it's too low, not enough and it balloons out at the top.


I went back and forth with the spacing for about two weeks until I settled on a piece of wooden trim used for an interior door. It just happen to have little ridges and the perfect spacing depth to make a 39 1/2" arch. As you can see, as I get to the top, the top most blocks will be completely upside down and almost level. That is the final keystone area.

Now before I ever get that far, I have to let my fingers heal. Seems the portland in the mortar wants to make your fingers disintergrate at the pressure points. So now I have tiny, painful holes in my fingers. So, I have learned my lesson and will always wear gloves when working with the mortar. It's just I took so long to finally get the spacing and the first two courses level that when I got to the first angled course, it really started to go quickly. And you know how you get when you get into a "flow".

So, yesterday I cut another35 whole bricks into 70 half bricks. I am now on my fourth wet saw blade. But to be honest, the last blade was a close out from ACE Hardware and was a cheapy for only $11. The latest one is much better and a full 4 1/2". Breaking through the rest of the brick is very easy after cutting through both sides of the brick.

Here's a mock up of the pizza peel and the first arch made with no mortar. It was too small, so I made it 2" wider and 1" higher. Looks like fun, doesn't it? That's a 13" pizza pan. The opening was a bit too small for working a fire and moving pizzas around.

Well, today it's suppose to storm, so I will try to scan some pages from the book, Bread Alone, by Dan Leader. The link takes you to the website for his bakery in New York. Learning how to make real Naples pizza and bake bread is a hobby that will last the rest of my life. And some nice benefits for family and friends, too. :)


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