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10 Aug, 2009

First Real Fire

General — Posted by timo @ 18:14

It is the first real fire and the end to many days of uncertain work. The fire burned like magic in the hearth and the smoke filled the oven chamber to just the right proportion. It was neat watching the fire and smoke dance across the hearth and up through the flue and exit the chimney.

The picture shows an old Char Broil propane grill with a longer hose attachment to a 20# tank. I ran the grill for 2 hours to get the oven dome up to 200 degrees.

Then, I was able to toss in embers from the fire pit. This worked out really well.

 I have to go back for a second. The picture on the left shows the high tech ceramic insulation. There's about 4" on the dome top and about 2" on the sides.


Watch this movie to see a 300 degree curing fire. Wow, this has been very rewarding to finally see it come together this far...


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