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29 Aug, 2009

First Pizza

General — Posted by timo @ 17:45

Here's a picture of the very first pizza. It was burned a bit on the bottom. I later found out why- too much olive oil in the dough. But, it was still fun and interesting to make pizza in the oven.

I was very happy to have this as my first attempt and not the one that stuck to the floor of the oven. The following week I just went ahead and made the Reinhart dough recipe and made the right dough. It tasted good and needs a nice hot oven to bake just right. I was able to produce a 90 second pizza later in the evening. So, yes, this dough is much better that the last recipe.


Here's a short video of the very first pizza.

Sorry, excuse the jitters :(



And here's a bunch of baguettes. The crust was crunchy and had that slight smoke flavor. The crumb was tight and chewey. With butter it was the best. It really does taste better if you let the bread cool down. More fuller flavor.

 I am getting closer to really having a larger party with lots of pizzas. So far I have a good dough recipe and sauce recipe, but I always run out of sauce. I have to work on the sauce and toppings.

That's about all for now. I think next week is Labor Day and Alex will be home. So, yet another good excuse for a pizza party!



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