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05 Sep, 2009

Stucco Coating

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Here's a picture showing the stucco. This is just the second layer. I added another layer that turned out nice without any cracks. Then I fired up the oven and still no cracks -meaning no heat escaping into the stucco, so that turned out good.

 I still have to seal the flue and crown joint before it rains, which might be soon. I wasn't planning on rain until Monday, but they lie!

I really like the red brick color and chimney. I do not like putting stucco on, though. I just don't have the patience to make it smoother, or perhaps a clue on how to do that, too.

But anyway, it will be covered with some nice acrylic latex exterior paint hopefully 28 days from today because that's about how long a good cure is needed for concrete. So, I am assuming stucco is the same, but I'll double check that.

I haven't tallied the receipts yet for the total cost of this project, but Jackie has a number in her head because I am sure she has festered about how much I've spent...$1,400 is what she believes is the current cost.

I think it is about $200 less. So, in her calculations, each pizza costs about $120 right now. That's some dang costy pizza. I can take care of that, though.

I just have to make enough pizzas to get the costs down. So, tomorrow is the first real run at a pizza party. I'll take pictures and videos hopefully of all the fun and goings-on. We are expecting 13 people over and I want them to all make their own pizza, but not for themselves, but to share. Sort of like, "Hi, my name is Tim and my pizza has peppers, onion, and Italian sausage with provolone and mozzarella on it" Then you and everyone else has a chance to try your pizza. With 13 people, everyone can get a piece and the best part is the next pizza will be 3 minutes away. That's if they didn't put too many ingredients on it, or forgot to flour their hands and peel well.

Speaking of peels, I bought a store peel from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, using of course their coupon for 20% off one item. That brought the cost down to $8. I can't make one for that much...I don't think. Only problem is the handle is very short, so I might be risking my life getting it into the oven, or at least the hair on my right arm. 

Well, I spent a chunk of today cutting all the vegetables, precooking all the meat, and mixing dough. Dennis and Nancy brought over some of the best flour you can buy: King Arthur Bread flour and all-purpose unbleached. All the best bakers always speak highly of King Arthur. Dennis even got the 00 type pizza flour, so this will be interesting.

I plan on making 12 pizzas, two focaccias, and six loaves, or boules of french type bread. I'd like to try a sciacciata, but don't know if I'll have the time to bring the oven up, make the bread after letting it cool a bit, then bring it back up for pizza.

 I've also had my eye on a crab stuffed mushroom recipe that you can dip pita bread in the garlic infued oil. Of course that means you need a good pita recipe, so...




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