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02 May, 2009

Welcome to OvenBlog

General — Posted by timo @ 15:36

Hello, my name is Tim and I am building a Pompeii brick oven over the 2009 summer (hopefully). A lot of you may be wondering why build a brick oven in the first place? Well, you're not the first to ask, and won't be the last. It has to do with the process and challenge of the task and the sense of making something totally unique.

That's why I ride an orange Stella scooter from Genuine Scooters. How many people do you know that ride Harleys? Now, take it easy, I love Harleys, too, but the point is to  be unique (and cheap) I ride a scooter. That's my father-in-law on my scooter.orange Stella scooter with Dennis He had something very similiar to it way back when Sears sold Vespas. I'm the other dude.

Now this Pompeii OvenBlog is to document my journey: The challenges and frustrations, the knowledge gained, and mistakes made for others to hopefully avoid.

The next post will offer some background information about getting started and plans for making a three minute pizza and baking 25 lbs. of bread by the beginning of school this fall!



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