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12 Oct, 2009

Just About Final Look

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This is just about the final look of the oven. I might wash the dome in a darker shade, but I have always loved orange, and right now it's in season.

It is more waterproof now, but not entirely. I still have lots of wood in the storage area below and want to keep that dry. The walls have a washed orangey-brown, mottled look to them and a texture that's both smooth and rough. I like it a lot.


Hard to believe it's been over 6 months since I started this project. I broke ground on May 2nd, and just hammered on it really hard. Now the real fun begins with all of the great breads and pizzas to be making in it. I haven't had the chance to make much of anything lately, but I believe next week I will be making some pizzas and bread. I have the makings for some multi-grain breads and I want to make a rye lavash.


Here's a picture of the very beginning.

All I can say is...wow! What a big difference.

By the way, I went to the doctor and looked at the scale and it looks like now that I am done with the heavy lifting, I better start running again.

Next week is the Bears game, but it doesn't start until 7:30pm, so maybe I'll have some neighborhood people over before the game for pizzas. We'll see...

PS. Here's a nice picture of Alex and Tate on the trails at Starved Rock.



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