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25 Oct, 2009

Mini-Loaves, or Buns?

General — Posted by timo @ 15:01

Not too sure what to call these just yet. I have a sourdough, a sourdough rye, and a sourdough-rye/wheat combination. I learned that the oven has to be heated enough to soak the firebricks well, so when the flame is gone the retained heat will do the baking. I was very close with these, but the temp should have stayed 100 degrees higher for longer.

I have a bunch and sent some home with Dennis and Nancy. The sourdough flavor is just right: You can taste it, but not overly powerful. The rye flour is good, but the wheat/rye loaves have the most flavor. A nutty, slightly bitter flavor with a nice crunchy crust on the bottom.

The steam released after ten minutes was tremendous, so I think I have learned a bit about how wet to make the dough.


Here's one more:


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