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14 Nov, 2009

Thanksgiving Test Loaf

General — Posted by timo @ 15:09

I plan on baking four different types of rolls for Thanksgiving. I am testing some recipes for a giant center piece loaf, and I think this may be it. It's a naturally leavened bread, which means it's sourdough leavened. It's also a 50/50 whole wheat/bread flour bread, too. I cheated and dropped in an ounce or two of honey to temper the slight bitterness from the whole wheat. I also bought a bag of vital wheat gluten-it's the stuff that makes the bread act like bread that rises and holds and traps the gasses from the leavening agent in dough.

The pictured loaf weighs in at 4.068 lbs. I think it's got the size, color and shape to make a great loaf. I haven't had a chance to taste it yet, and of course that's the last part. The main loaf will either be whole wheat based, or a rye. I'll try a rye next time. Have to get the rye starter ready about mid-week and try again next week end.


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