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02 May, 2009

The Plan

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The plan for the Pompeii oven is simple. Use about 200 halved firebricks and about 2 tons of cement to create a 700 degree inferno for cooking. The type of cooking here is based on ancient methods.

Here are some of the basics layout requirements put out by the Lake County Building Department

  1. Said structure must be at least 4' from any other structure and combustables.
  2. Property set backs of 7' and 15' must be used. I live on a corner and already talked with my neighbor, Mark. He's cool with the whole idea. I will be sure to share some good food with him.
  3. 5" crushed rock and 5 1/2" of concrete wil satisfied the permit inspector for the oven base. If the base uses let's say (40) 80# bags of concret, that's 3200 pounds. I will survive a tornado in this structure. That doesn't even include the concrete block stand that goes on the base.
  4. Before building can begin, must call in for set back inspection.

That's about it for now. Here's a picture of

location of oven in backyard

where the oven will go.


I had to take out part of the deck. I hate wood decks, so my plot to slowly replace the deck with concrete has begun.



Here's what it looked like about an hour after working.






Here's what it looked like after three hours. That's all for now.


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