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25 Apr, 2010

4 Months with No Fire in the Oven

General — Posted by timo @ 15:55

It has been 4 months with out any fire in the oven for baking.. It's sad, but true. Also, sad but true, I have to refurbish the landing with new masonry. The old rocks set in mortar separated due to water creeping between the rocks and the frost freeze cycle cracked it all horribly.


Lucky me, that means I get to work on a new landing! So, I am going to  try a nice terracotta tile landing. The tiles I found are from Wales and they have a turn of the century Chicago connection, just like the Chicago bricks I used.

Hope the latest fix does the trick. I'll have to wait until it warms up a bit more to set the tile.


Would like to get the oven ready by mid-May. 


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