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15 Jul, 2010

Hobart Mixer Makes Good Dough!

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Well, after making one too many batches of dough in the KitchenAid Artisan mixer, it was time to cut myself off and get a dedicated dough mixer. I went through the usually process of trying to win an eBay auction...and getting frustrated at getting either sniped, or just seeing the price climb so high in the final hours.

Well, when we got back from camping of the fourth, I checked the auctions again and there was this c-100 Hobart coming up in about  an hour. It was bigger than the n50 I was looking at, but I bid on it and won. 

When it came via UPS the dude on the truck arrived and promptly dropped it out of the truck and it tumbled onto the street. I was like, " You just dropped my mixer! I hope they packed it good." He felt bad and then wrote a number down for me.

So, here's the 10 quart c-100 hobart. It's from, I believe, Wells Brocklehurst of GA. He died last October, but his mixer lives on. I hope to do well for him.


 The bowl doesn't have one dink or dent. The motor runs strong and I even have the latestservice record...from 1991. Yes, it's old, actually built probably around 1970, but like all Hobarts, they are tanks and built to last.


Here's a picture of the bread I made testing out the Hobart. It worked well. I mixed about 33 pounds of dough.


 I was able to address and present some of my bread at the local Farm Bureau. It went well and I was very proud of Alex for working together with the teachers and inviting me there. Ah, the power of good bread...


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