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07 May, 2009

Digging the Foundation

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Today is May 7th and I dug the foundation after work. It took about 2 1/2 hours to do just the sod and dirt for this part. But, I must digress to an event from earlier in the week concerning the Lake County Building Department. Eric from the department called and told me I had to dig 42" down to the frost line a footing to support my oven.


I was almost ready to start digging and this happens out of the blue. After haggling for a few minutes he shared his concern about recent outside fireplaces falling down or developing a lean. I do not want my oven to lean or fall down, but I did not believe 42" frost footing was needed. Eric then wanted pier footings at the corners. I was amazed and told him, look, whatever you think is appropriate for code, tell me and I'll figure it out.

I did tell him, though, that my van weighs about 4000 pounds and it sits on 4" of concrete reinforced with probably nothing more than 6' wire mesh. My plans call for a solid 5" crushed rock base on which 5 1/2" of concrete sits.

A half hour later he called and said he spoke with his department chief and I didn't have to include more support because the over all height is not more than 8-9'.



So, that was the last of my discussions with the building department, hopefully.


Anyway, here are some more photos of the foundation digging. The bottom picture shows what it looks like after taking out 6" of sod and dirt and 2" of clay. The rest of the concrete slab will sit above grade.

I have been very busy trying to get a master order ready for Menards. They usually have the best prices for builder's materials. I can order up to 18,000 lbs. of material and have it delievered for $50. So, I want to get my money's worth. We're talking concrete blocks, a pallet of bagged concrete, rebar, lumber, lanscape timbers, mortar... It's gonna' be special when that truck stops by.


Time to go listen to some snorring and feel the muscles ache.





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