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10 May, 2009

Framing the Base

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Today I was able to squeak out some time to pick up some material, order some materials, and frame the foundation. A couple of days ago it rained at some point during the night and filled the "pit" in a bit. There was about 1" of water in the far end of the pit, but it was dry on the near side. I took this as meaning the pit floor wasn't as level as I thought it was so I went ahead and took a hoe and leveled it a bit more.

Menards is having one of their great material sales going on right now. Last week they had concrete go on sale (4) 60# bags for $9. So I bought a pallet of concrete. That almost 4,000 pounds of concrete. I also picked up some sand, masonary cement, portland cement, 1/2" rebar and some 3/8" rebar. I need to bend some curves, so I thought bending the 3/8" would go a bit easier.

I also bought some lanscape timbers. They were $9.90 a piece for the 4x6x8's. They are going to go on the trench that's yet to be filled with crushed rock.

I have been wanting a nice wall for the garden for a while so this seemed like a nice time to go ahead with this project, too.


PS. If anyone's wondering about the size of the foundation framing, it's 69x43, which leaves a 45 degree angle for the short side where the front of the oven's vent and landing will go. The 2x6x8's will give a 5 1/2" depth for the concrete base. Luckily, I was able to frame this on the part of the deck still there and I measured using the 345 rule and mailed two cross supports to keep it square and in place.

Next up, Menard's drops of the ordered materials on Wednesday. Hopefully the driveway won't crack when they leave it all. In the meantime, my neighbor, Troy, was nice enough to let me borrow his trailer. I think tomorrow I will go and get a load of crushed rock dropped in his trailer just to see how much I can actually move in it. I need to get that rock down ASAP so I can entertain mixing 36 bags or so of concrete next weekend.

That's about all ofr now. Tim

Had a neighbor walk by and mentioned the oven project. Looks like word is getting out and the pressure to get it going is on Laughing


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